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Pilates Classes Lee Cotton Stuart FL


Why pilates and your palate?

Between work deadlines, never-ending chores, running car services for our children and maintaining a busy household, life can be quite hectic. It’s a fast paced, loud environment where finding a minute of distraction free time is hard to come by. Most gyms and fitness clubs offer little relief from the chaos, oftentimes being just as loud, distracting and crowded as our hectic lives. And they usually provide “one-size” fits all workouts, which can cause serious injuries for their clientele.

Pilates And Your Palate is a boutique fitness studio that offers something much different. We integrate non-impact exercise in small group and private sessions in a tranquil environment where your individual needs and abilities are our primary focus. We believe Pilates is for everyone and is best experienced in a serene, distraction free studio. Our mission – a customized Pilates workout for men and women of all abilities that delivers real results.


Pilates And Your Palate – Feed and Strengthen Your Inner Core

Founded by Lee Cotton, PMA® Certified teacher with classical training from Power pilates.

At Pilates And Your Palate we believe health is your best investment and the time to invest is now. We’re a company that integrates best overall health practices, Pilates and health education to promote total body well being. The program focuses on educating individuals to take better control of their health and become physically, mentally connected, and renewed.

There is no better time to give yourself a health makeover… You are worth it!