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Pilates and Your Palate offers:

  • Gluten Free cooking lessons
  • How to prepare raw foods and juices lessons
  • Kitchen and food preparation techniques
  • In-home cooking instruction
  • Business cooking Demos


Cooking Lesson $80 per hour* plus cost of food

Pilates And Your Palate’s Lee Cotton, can’t wait to drop over for a private cooking session in the privacy of your own home. Spend quality time with Lee as she guides you through the latest steps in culinary expertise.

*This cooking class is designed for one student at $80/hour plus cost of food with a minimum requirement of two hours. Please call for special group rates.


All fees are payable when services are rendered.
All packages expire four months from date of purchase.
Cash or check


For all nutrition and dietary advice please seek a registered Dietitian or ask your physician.